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If you are interested in Storytelling at your event please email me at

Storytelling sessions

A Storytelling session can be an hour, or if it is at an event or a School it can be between 45 minutes to an hour long, with repeated sessions throughout the day for a different audience each time.

An evening of Storytelling would usually be 45 minutes then a break for refreshments followed by another 45 minutes

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Once upon a time....


In 2010 I started working more with the public, and wanted to bring my Artwork to the public in an entertaining form. 

At University I learnt 3D and 2D animation and film editing and wanted to create more, but wasn’t sure how to get it out in to the world, then I remembered a wonderful show I watched in the early 1990’s called “The Storyteller” and loved the way, The Storyteller told the story along with actors and puppets and some animation alongside his telling. This inspired me to pursue Storytelling and using the projector, project my Illustrations, as well as special effects, sound effects and animation.

In 2013 after a search on the internet, I went to a couple of Storytelling events to observe other Storytellers, I than joined The Traditional Arts Team, led by Storyteller Graham Langley, who are based in Kings heath and trained with them, and opened my eyes to a world full of Traditional stories, who have been passed around the world and have been passed down the generations not by books but by the spoken word.

I have been telling Stories to Families, Children, Adults since 2013 I have performed at Festivals, Libraries, Pubs, Museums Parks, cafes, Children’s centres.

A member of The Society for Storytelling.


Storytelling Through Art


The soothing sounds of the Sea

Telling traditional tales alongside the sound of the Sea or environment creates a more experiential telling.



Illustrations have been used in Storytelling since the Cave Men and the Ancient Egyptians. The Bayeux tapestry is a wonderful example, of Illustrations telling a story.

A combination of Illustrations and Oral Storytelling to compliment each other.


Visual effects

Subtle movement, animation and effects to enhance the Storytelling. 

The words of the Storyteller do not tell all, still leaving room in the viewers imagination.

Traditional Stories

My repertoire is quite varied, it includes tales from The Brothers Grimm, English Folk and Fairy tails as well as European tales. I also have themed sessions including Christmas Stories, Bawdy Stories (Aduls only) Halloween Stories, Ghost Stories and I am currently working on a set of Egyptian Myths.  



Sutton Coldfield Library


Black country Libraries tour


Birmingham Storytelling Cafe


Halloween night, Martineau Gardens


Birmingham Storytelling festival